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Changing The Narrative

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Est 2021

          Welcome to

         Holistic Oasis 

Holistic Oasis Cannabis Co. 

Is a Veteran-Minority owned start-up cannabis dispensary based in Westchester, NY.

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Official NYS SEE Applicants

Holistic Oasis is currently in the process of obtaining its NYS legal retail dispensary license and has been queued for the application proceedings. 

Changing The Narrative

Our mission is to change the narrative of cannabis. 

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What makes us different

Setting The Standard

Holistic Oasis is committed to setting the standard and stands as a beacon of excellence, where our commitment to high standards encompasses every aspect of our offering. We will take pride in providing top-tier cannabis products, carefully selected for their exceptional quality, purity, and potency.


Beyond the products, we are preparing to cultivate a unique and welcoming atmosphere that transcends the traditional retail experience, creating a space where customers feel at home and valued. What sets us apart is not only our vision to provide high-quality cannabis but also hiring highly knowledgeable staff, who are passionate about empowering our customers with comprehensive information and guidance.


Holistic Oasis is more than a dispensary; it's a place where exceptional cannabis will meet a warm, informed, and welcoming environment.

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As we await the licensing process, please feel free to submit an application in the meantime.

Product Specialist

Full Time

Fulfill product orders and provide customer service by making product suggestions, educating customers on various products and offer advice on available product selections

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